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Get Your Dream Bathroom With Our Help

Whether you want a relaxing whirlpool tub or a spacious shower, Denver Marble Concepts can help you get the luxurious bathroom that you have always wanted!

Bathtubs and Spa Tubs

Most of our tubs can be jetted to provide you with the ultimate bathing experience. We have 9 different tub styles for you to choose from, including oval tubs, corner tubs, and 2-person tubs.

Our 8-jet whirlpool system features a powerful 1-horsepower pump and our 6-jet system runs on a 3/4-horsepower pump. A convenient airflow valve control allows you to easily manage the jet pressure.

The jets and control valves are available in a variety of styles, colors, and metals including chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, white and bone. Check out our tub sizes and styles.

High-Tech Tubs

Invest in our luxurious high-tech tub. It features an LED display, LED "function on" indicators, and 4 touch-control buttons. The LED display shows the water temperature, the pump speed, and the time remaining on the cycle.

The speed control regulates the pump speed and offers ten different positions while the massage button activates the pump's pulsating massage mode.

The digital control panel also offers you the option of adding and controlling a romantic mood light to your spa tub for the ultimate luxurious experience.

This 10-speed digital control panel is indeed the latest in whirlpool and spa tub technology. Remember to ask for the new digital control panel when ordering a whirlpool system with your tub!    

Shower Bases and Units

If you want a custom shower base, we’re here to help. From standard to a maximum dimensional area of 72" by 120", we’re the only business in the area that creates such a diverse range of shower bases!

We can customize the shower panels to fit the exact size of your bathroom wall. With a thickness of 3/8", our panels have a polished radius on all exposed edges.

Composite stone shower bases, walls, and ceilings give the look of continuity and luxury that’s found in upscale spas and resorts. Let us bring this timeless look to your bathroom too!

Custom Steam Showers

The perfect shower or sauna experience is incomplete without a steam shower. Steam showers can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, including custom sizes. 

If you want to turn your ordinary shower into a relaxing and luxurious steam shower, just contact us. You can also accessorize your bathroom with our vanity sinks and bowls.

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“I hired them not once but twice, in April and August. They totally remade my 1950's bathroom into a stunning, wonderful space…”
-Kathy Thomas
Custom shower bases poured to your specifications. Built in texture, built in 1/4" slope per foot, built in water barrier. Base can be used with our solid slab panels or tile. Great for tub/shower conversions and handicap accessible. Drain can be existing location or where specified, adjustable threshold. 
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