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Composite Marble & Onyx

Composite Marble

High-Quality Composite Marble and Onyx

From a simple tile design to a sleek bathtub, the top-grade composite marble or onyx from Denver Marble Concepts can help you achieve whichever type of look you wish to create in your bath! 

Benefits of Composite Marble and Onyx

Composite marble and onyx are refined and processed into a liquefied form. The liquefied stone material can be cast into molds and curved into unique shapes in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Our composite products give you the grace and luxury of a truly aristocratic material as well as the down-to-earth practicality of a durable and affordable product.

Glass Blocks

You can easily combine composite marble or onyx with other bathroom design elements such as glass blocks to create a dramatic look for your bathroom.

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable design consultants to discuss the options of incorporating glass blocks into your composite product bathroom design.

Tile Inlays 

You can even integrate tile inlays into your bathroom design. 
Tile inlays that have been set inside a composite marble or onyx panel can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom design ideas.

Get in touch with us to discuss how to combine tile or natural stone inlays with your composite product design. 

Composite Marble and Onyx in Various Colors

The color selection for your home improvement project can be confusing and overwhelming. We have provided a basic color chart of some of our most popular colors to assist you in this process.

These colors represent just a small portion of our total color palette. We have over 5,000 total possible color combinations for composite marble. Visit our showroom to check them out!

Color Selection

For composite marble, you can select any color as your background and any additional color(s) for your veining pattern. You may then select the amount of veining you'd like in your product - light, medium, or heavy. You can even opt for a solid color with no veining pattern.

The process of choosing colors for composite onyx is a bit different. The background color for composite onyx is universal. It’s an attractive off-white, which is the natural color of the onyx material. Bright white is the main vein color.

You may then select any additional veining color(s) to provide the finished look which best suits your overall color scheme. As with composite marble, you can also select the amount of vein you wish to have for a particular color in your product.

Color Palette 

Take a look at our basic color palette. This color palette is just a guide to assist you in your color selection process. 

Please keep in mind that computer and printer resolutions vary considerably. We can't guarantee the accuracy of these colors as they may appear on your screen.

For your convenience, most of our colors are matched to the color palettes of America's top bathroom product manufacturers. The parenthetical abbreviations next to some of the colors represent the following manufacturers:

(AM)=American Standard 

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